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Pattern Books by Boutique-Sha Japan

Posted on: May 8, 2009

japanese pattern books

My copies of Boutique-Sha Pattern Books

I passed by National Bookstore Katipunan yesterday to check if they still have Japanese crochet patterns books and I was really happy that to find out that they still have it on their shelves! Wee. There were 5 issues about crochet with at least 2 or 3 copies left, as of now. I don’t know if they still have other stocks but I wish they have more.


Left - Patterns for bags made from plastic - I'm thinking of using Plarn
Right - Patterns for bags and hats


This book features patterns for bags, wraps, book covers, doilies and a lot more.

These books are so cool because they have awesome pattern diagrams. There are a lot of projects that I want to do! Here are some pages from the books:


A bag pattern


Summer hats illustrations


Another pattern with stitch tutorials

5 Responses to "Pattern Books by Boutique-Sha Japan"

I would like to buy the book titled ‘Double-Sided Origami’ by Taichiro Hasegawa. ISBN no# 4834721817

Thanks, Todd

thank you i like making hats


Hi! I really would like to crochet a lot of FOs from Jap books…
However, I cant understand Japanese nor can I read graphs.

Would you mind sharing how you learn how to read crochet graphs? I am a self-taught crocheter thats why I find it kind of hard to learn.

Hope to hear from you. You may email me at
Thanks! *hugs

Hi Peach! I’m a self-taught stitcher myself too and I learned a lot from reading articles on the internet… but here are some tips I can share before you start reading pattern diagrams:

1. Familiarize yourself with the basic stitch symbols because these are the same symbols used in Japanese patterns. The last pages of the pattern book contains the stitch symbols used and picture tutorials on how to do that certain stitch. XD

2. Familiarize yourself with the different Japanese hook sizes and their metric equivalent. It really helps to know what hook size the pattern requires so you may have an idea as to which yarn thickness you need to use. I have a blog post on the Japanese hook sizes and their US and metric equivalent. I can’t read any Japanese too so I just “guess” which yarn to use depending on the hook size.

3. Visit this site. It has links to different blog posts dedicated to reading Japanese patterns! These posts really helped me.

4. Diagrams look intimidating but they really are simple.

P.S. Sorry but I’m not really good with explaining things… hope this helps. And if you find a pattern you really want to do but needs help in understanding the diagram, leave me a message here or in ravelry and I’ll help you translate it to written instructions. XD

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